For girls having curls and frizzes, taking care of hair is not an easy task. As with straight hair, it is quite easy to use conventional hair care products but curly hair require an entirely different set of products and styling techniques. Straight hair has symmetrical hair follicles while curly hair has asymmetrical hair follicles which end up in, not only entirely different patterns of curls but also completely different problems and requirements. Choosing the right curly hair shampoo has been a struggle only curly-haired girls can tell.

How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Issues related to curly hair

Curly hairs tend to be more dry and coarse as compared to straight hair. This is because natural oils find it harder to travel down the complex hair shaft. Due to this lack of oil, curly hairs face the common issue of ‘frizz’.

Curly hair lack shine and luster because light does not reflects easily from the curly surface.

Curly hairs suffer more breakage than straight hair because curls tend to tangle more if allowed to be loose for a long time leading to the formation of knots. De-tangling the curls breaks them.

Curly hair shed more than straight hair. This is observed especially during combing or washing hair.

Splits ends are also common in curly and permed hair and if left untreated, the curls travel all the way down to the roots, causing hair to loose strength.

Solutions to address curly hair problems

To avoid breakage, it is important to make sure that the hair are well moisturized and fully hydrated because dry hairs are more prone to breakage. Keeping the curls healthy will lead to less likeliness of breakage. To keep them hydrated, use a good leave in shampoo for permed hair which can be used daily if required.

While styling the hair, make sure you choose a style which does not allows loose hair. Create a hair style that keeps the hair bound so that they individual hair strands may not intermingle and form knots. It is better to make braids.

Get regular trimming to get minimum frizzy ends. Keep the curl ends moisturized.

While washing your hair, avoid washing them altogether. Instead, wash them in small sections to prevent tangling.

Things to be avoided

Curly hair should not be over washed. This is the most common mistake that people with curly hair make. Washing curly hair too often causes depletion of the oil present naturally in the hair strands. Washing hair once or twice a week is a better routine for curls.

Using shampoos and conditioners having too many sulfur compounds damages the curls. These shampoos form a lot of lather and foam which might seem beneficial but in reality, it ruins the curls.

Do not forget to use oil on hair. Curly hairs are naturally drier, not using oil will lead to more split ends and damage.

Do not rely too much on products. Where hair care products can boost up your hair strength, using too much products still causes problems. Leave the hair product free for at least once in a week.

Always use the right comb to detangle your hair. Do not use fine-tooth comb because it pulls sensitive hair causing disruption of the natural bounce of hair. Prefer a wide-tooth comb because it keeps the hair neat without causing painful detangling. Simply brushing hair with fingers also keeps them neat and tangle free.

Handling curly hair is extremely difficult either it is the volume, dryness or just the huge frizz. curly hair sometimes leave you frustrated and you choose to straighten them permanently, but  having the knowledge of the right techniques to take care of the permed or curly hair, and avoiding the common mistakes would definitely give you beautiful attractive hair that will make your straight-haired friends jealous for sure.